Dear Helen,

Britt has been awarded the “Performing Arts Scholarship”!!!!
She is thrilled !!! and proud too.
Thank you so much for your support as a friend, dance teacher and mentor.

With love and gratitude

Britt and Helen

Dear Helen,

I hope you are well.  I apologise for taking so long in sending you our wedding photos.  We both had a wonderful time.  People were very impressed with our dance routine.  You would have been proud of us, I think, even though we did make a few mistakes.  Fortunately the enormous dress hid a few incorrect steps.
Thank you so much for your patience.  It was a delightful experience for us both and  we  wish you all the very best in the future.

Yours sincerely

Vita and Anthony

Dear Helen

We just wanted to send a thank you card and some photos from our dance on the day of our wedding!  While everything certainly didn’t go exactly to plan, we got through it, we enjoyed it and we had many compliments over our efforts!
Thank you so much for all of the lessons, your time, effort and patience.

Kat & Dan


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