Our stretch and relax classes are more for the mature person who wants time out for themselves to focus on improving their muscle tone and flexibility but at the same time not feeling pressured and allowing themselves to switch off and relax within themselves finding calm and peace during the session.

A Stretch and Relax class, with its easy flowing music, concentrates on gentle warm ups (usually sitting on matt), followed by more stretches including breathing and allowing time to reach and stretch through the motion. Pilates is also used extensively throughout as well as a lovely relaxation timeout at the end.

In these days of sitting in front of computers and the general stresses of everyday life, we need to find time to relax for ourselves as well as to move it or lose it!

A no pressure class for a range of body shapes, sizes and varying fitness levels which will help improve muscle tone and flexibility, within a welcoming, relaxed and supportive environment.

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